Egg Plant

Easter Giving Idea - Tara Dennis

Giving a plant for Easter is a nice idea for someone who appreciates their garden just as much, if not more than chocolate.

It's best to shop for a plant that's not too big, has nice leaves and a good shape. This Camellia Sasanqua works well and is a true favourite of many gardeners. The pink Camellia flowers also inspired the colours for the hanging egg decorations as well as the foil covered chocolate eggs gathered around the base.

You will need:

Potted plant
Decorative pot
Coconut fibre (available from hardware stores or nurseries)
Decorative eggs
Fluffy chicks (available from craft stores)
Chocolate eggs

How to:

1. Start by giving the plant some water, allow the excess to drain away then stand it in the decorative pot

2. Tear off some coconut fibre and place it over the soil – you could use pebbles or mulch but I think the fibre looks more like a birds nest

3. Hang the egg decorations, these can be either colour coordinated to suit your plant or mixed. Add a few fluffy chicks here and there

4. Place handfuls of chocolate as well as decorative eggs around the base of the plant and finish by cutting the front from an Easter card and attaching it to a plant stake or skewer. Write your message on to the back of the card and insert the stake into the soil

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