Jute Table Runner

DIY jute table runner - Tara Dennis

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Jute webbing is commonly used by gardeners for holding plants and trees upright without damage. Used in a more unusual way, it also makes a smart and very cost effective table runner.

A whole roll costs less than $10 and for this project you'll have enough left over to create a few smaller placemats too.

You will need:

Jute garden webbing
Hot glue gun or fabric craft glue
Sewing machine
Red cotton thread
Sharp scissors

Step 1
Cut 6 x lengths of jute webbing each measuring 1650mm and 30 x lengths each measuring 310mm.

DIY Jute table runner - Tara Dennis

Step 2
Arrange the long strips side-by-side then weave a shorter strip across one end. Dab a small amount of glue behind each strip to secure.

DIY Jute table runner - Tara Dennis

Step 3
Continue weaving the shorter strips. For these, it’s not necessary to glue behind each - just at each end.

Step 4
Continue all the way along and secure the other end by gluing behind each strip.

DIY Jute table runner - Tara Dennis

Step 5
Trim the edges if necessary, then using a sewing machine and red cotton thread, sew a hem approximately 10mm all the way around.

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